Virginia Baptist Women in Ministry presents:

Feast: Festival of Word, Table & Image

a celebration through sermon, food, and art

Friday, April 27, 2012 ~ Tomahawk Baptist Church, Midlothian, VA

Registration fee: $45/$40 for VBWIM members
Registration deadline: April 23, 2012
Festival times: 2:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
2012 Theme: Feast: caring for our sacred selves from head to toe

Feast is a gathering in which we nurture our creative, caring, spiritual selves through our very presence. We will gather together at table to enjoy a beautifully prepared meal, feast through sermons and our voices in worship, and delight using our senses through liturgical art & the art gallery. Come, enjoy, and share the tastes of the day.

Worship leadership included:  Judy Fiske • Angie Weston Hoff • Jerusha Joshua • Mary Mann • Susan Morris • Julie Perry • Nicholas Bartley

Festival Artists: suzanne l. vinson & Elizabeth Rickert Dowdy

Festival Highlights:

2:30 Gathering & Festival Gallery

3:30 Honoring the Sacred

4:30 Annual Meeting

5:00 Embracing the Sacred

5:45 Anticipating the Sacred

6:30 Celebrating the Sacred: The Meal

7:30 Savoring the Sacred

8:00 Sharing the Sacred: Communion

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