Let’s be honest.  This website has been languishing and it needs some new life. We’d like it to become more than just an announcement of our group’s existence and the place one visits to register for our events.

We’d like to link to content created by women in ministry.  We’d like to provide helpful resources to women in ministry.  We’d like to provide opportunities for women in ministry to let their voices be heard.

923354_10151418041083131_1836110156_nTo symbolize this new era, we are trying out a new look for our website.  It is still in the experimental phase, so we ask your patience if you come across broken links or things that don’t look quite right.

If you have ideas for what you’d like this website to be, let us know!  Use the contact form below to share your ideas.  We are all busy, but together we can each add just a little piece here and another piece there, and we can create something both useful and beautiful.

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