Virginia Baptist Women in Ministry (VBWIM) is an association of persons, both women and men, lay and professional, who perceive what they do as Christian Ministry, and who seek to provide an avenue for mutual support, encouragement and empowerment.

VBWIM provides a network of support and community

Women come to know each other in workshops, conferences, and social gatherings. VBWIM presents a united voice as we speak forth on injustices, gender issues, and a woman’s point of view in biblical and theological studies and in ethical issues.

VBWIM offers opportunities for self-understanding

In VBWIM you can find avenues for information, support and identity, a forum for expressing opinion and scholarship, and opportunities to meet for friendship and exploration of topics of concern. The newsletter Synergy is a journal for creative thought and a means of connecting.

VBWIM creates awareness

Knowledge is power. We need to know the structures and systems within which we work, the history that has shaped us, our models and heroes. VBWIM is an advocate for women in ministry and affirms the ministries women offer.