We invite you to financially support VBWIM.

Your donation helps support the activities of VBWIM. We keep prices low to make our events as accessible as possible. Individual donors help in part to cover the difference between the event fees and the event costs.

Your donation provides scholarships. VBWIM provides scholarships for women in special circumstances to further their education. Students are also given discounted or free tickets to VBWIM events, supported in part by individual donors.

The most important benefit of being a donor is the association with others who share your support of women in ministry.

In August 2020, we launched a designated fund to support professional development opportunities for women in ministry.  Recognizing that many women serve in churches and other places of ministry where continuing education or professional development money is not available, we thought this is a gap VBWIM could work to fill.  We would be thrilled if you would consider designating your gift to this new fund by donating here.

If you prefer to make a donation by check or cash, please contact us.